Funon (20 Kg)

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Acrylic-based, water-based antibacterial paint primer with fungoside in its formula, which allows the application of water-based acrylic materials on a solid infrastructure both indoor and outdoor.


  • Prevents formation of bacteria and mold indoors,
  • Contains broad spectrums and biocides,
  • Fully adapts to the paint and insulation materials to be applied on it, and prevents blistering and spilling,
  • Balances the surface and prevents shade differences in the paint.


It is used before the paint processes to be applied on cement-based plastered surfaces, or surfaces with worn water-based paint and gypsum plaster in order to increase the efficiency of the paint to be applied for covering the paint deformations caused by condensation, or prevent formation of darkening and mold on the interior walls.


Free particles on the surface should be cleaned by mechanical methods, and the surface should be dry and robust. If there is any damage on the surface, the surface should be strengthened by means of putty and filling materials. Mold or similar organic formations should be removed with chlorinated solutions.


Our product is sold ready to use. No thinner should be added to the product. It is applied as a single layer according to ambient conditions. The temperature in the application environment should be between +5 and +30 C. It takes 30 minutes to dry to the touch, 3 hours to be ready for paint application, and 24 hours to dry completely.


Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. The ambient temperature of the storage place should be between +5 and +35 C. The product must be protected from freezing. The product should be kept closed when not in use.

Technical Features
Resin Acrylic Copolymer
Weight of Solid Matters % 22 (ASTM 4209)
pH (25 °C) 8 - 9
Consumption (2 Coats) 0,150 kg / m²
Drying Time 2 hours (20 °C), 5 hours (10 °C)
Density 1,00 - 1,15 gr / m³ (TS EN ISO 2811)
Colour Transparent
Application Tools Brush, Roller
Package Type Plastic Drum
Shelf Life 12 Months (Sealed)

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