Isopulver (20 Kg)

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Elastomeric resin-based, solvent-based lining that does not lose its flexibility when dried, and produced to be applied using its specific spray gun, and makes the application surface 100% waterproof.


  • Easy to apply using its specific spray gun,
  • Since it is elastic, it adapts to daily and seasonal atmospheric conditions, temperature differences during the day, and building movements,
  • Adheres very well to the application surface, and provides 100% waterproofing,
  • Simplifies workmanship and saves time,
  • Also applicable outdoors, where there is no human traffic. Resistant to sunlight.


Since it is applied through its specific spray gun, it can be used on all surfaces where a smooth coating is desired as well as for waterproofing places such as swimming pools, WCs, bathrooms, kitchens, and on reinforced concrete, brick and plastered surfaces. In addition to its waterproofing purpose, it is also suitable for use outdoors to protect the building against wind and similar external factors.


If it is to be applied alone, free particles on the surface should be cleaned by mechanical methods, and the surface should be dry and robust. If there is any damage on the surface, the surface should be strengthened by means of putty and filling materials. Mold or similar organic formations should be removed by means of chlorinated solutions. Hemp Paint Fixator Primer should be used as primer.


The product is sold ready to use, so no thinner should be added. The ambient temperature in the place of application should be between +5 and +30 °C. Waiting time between the coats should be respected. It takes 30 minutes to dry to the touch, and 24 hours to dry completely.


Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. The ambient temperature of the storage place should be between +5 and +35 °C. The product must be protected from freezing. The product should be kept closed when not in use.

Technical Features
Consumption (2 Coats) 1,0 - 2,0 kg / m²
Drying Time 2 hours (20 °C), 5 hours (10 °C)
Density 1,44 - 1,54 gr / lt Thixotropic
Tensile Strength 6,04 N
Water Transfer Rate 1 n / nm² x Gün)
Elongation at Break % 200
Steam Diffusion 0,70 gr (m² x Gün)
Colour White, Red, Green
Application Tools Brush, Roller
Package Type Plastic Bucket
Shelf Life 12 Months (Sealed)

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